From the very beginning and continuing today, New You Laser Clinic have dedicated themselves to providing affordable, beneficial aesthetic treatments utilising only the very best technology, treatments, and products available today.

New You will only ever provide advice and treatments that will benefit their clients, helping them to make well informed positive choices. The highly skilled New You team care passionately about their role in helping better peoples’ lives, ensuring all clients leave totally satisfied with the service, care and advice received.

We strive to exceed our own very high expectations constantly raising the bar, your total satisfaction our primary objective.

Using only the very best world-class medical grade lasers (used extensively within the NHS) and clinically proven products ensures their clients receive a first class service with outstanding results.

All New You skin care specialists are fully certified professionals and always maintain the highest standards of training and care to ensure our clients are always in safe hands.


Ethical and fair treatment is provided to all clients and staff regardless of their individual origin, race, gender or sexual orientation. Equality and diversity is extremely important at New You, extending a warm welcome to all who have or may choose to visit us in the future.

Our client’s well being is always of the upmost importance. If a treatment is not required or suitable, we will always advise the client and if possible provide alternatives that may be available or more suitable for them.


New You are always open and honest with their clients, ensuring that all of their expectations are realistic and achievable and that any decisions made are based on understanding and quality of information recieved. We will always ensure that they fully understand the risks or limitations prior to undergoing any treatment.


New You care passionately about the treatments their clients may be considering and always treat them as unique individuals. We offer our clients only the highest standards in treatment, care and advice throughout their journey. Our experts are always available for their clients, to help and support each person individually, every step of the way.

We value all our dedicated and caring staff and their wellbeing, whom in turn, are dedicated in treating all of our clients in an understanding, courteous and professional manner.


New You are passionate providers of only the best services available today, totally committed to enhancing people’s lives through aesthetic treatments. Our success is driven by our commitment to ensure that every client is totally happy with their experience and treatment at New You Laser Clinic, always recommending us to their friends, family and colleagues.



New You will always strive to deliver exceptional results and continue your treatments and aftercare until we have achieved the very best results possible for you. We will always ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience and treatments.

When you make a decision to proceed with any of our treatments you can rest assured that your therapist has fully considered your areas of concern, not only the benefits of treatment but also any limitations there may be, ensuring that everything has been thoroughly explained to you and that you fully understand your treatment plan. This will help you confidently dismiss any apprehension, realise your objectives and enable you to look forward to renewed feelings of self-confidence.

We will always ensure that you are fully supported before, during and after your treatment, whether that is more information to take away and consider, a phone call from your clinic manager/ practitioner or simply time to think about whether you want to have further treatment. We will also fully advise you of any products you may benefit from and information to help you maintain your results at home and into the future.

Your time at the clinic is only the beginning and we will do everything possible to help make sure your satisfaction continues long afterwards.

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From the very beginning and continuing today, New You Laser Clinic have dedicated themselves to providing affordable, beneficial aesthetic treatments utilising only the very best technology, treatments, and products available today.

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3D Lipo - Changing Peoples Lives! 

Did you know that 3D lipo is one of the easiest ways to achieve a lean body? For that reason, you are going to get a number of life-changing experiences. After all, 3D liposuction can greatly reduce the life-threatening fat you are carrying around your waist. The following are some of the changes you will get from 3D lipo results:

Being in control of your weight and metabolism

With 3D fat liposuction, you have an easier time to maintain your body weight. For many people, it is a big challenge to maintain a healthy weight once the aging process sets in. 3D lipo results in most of your weight coming from lean mass. What that means is that your metabolism will be enhanced thus giving your body to burn even more fat.

Decreasing the risk of heart disease

When you have a lean body, your chances of developing heart disease are greatly diminished. In fact, 3D liposuction is one of the most effective ways to reduce hypertension, which can wear down the heart muscles. That’s especially true if you have lots of weight in the midsection. 3D lipo helps remove the deep abdominal fat, which has a negative effect on the body’s cholesterol levels. Because of that, you will have no reason to worry about heart disease.

Reducing the risk of other health conditions

When you are too fat, you risk developing other chronic illnesses. 3D lipo results in a healthy body composition which greatly lowers your risk of disease. When you have belly fat, you are at the risk of developing chronic inflammation which can result in diseases such as asthma. You are also at the risk of getting breast cancer and dementia. Which is the reason to try 3D fat liposuction?

A healthy body composition

The definition of a healthy body composition largely depends on your age. While it is okay to have some fat as you age, excessive weight can indicate a major issue with your body. Of course, you can gain a healthy body weight through a number of ways and 3D liposuction is one of them. You need to talk to your doctor to know if you are in the danger zone when it comes to your weight. Once the confirmation is made, do something about it. 3d lipo

Choosing 3D Lipo Fat Reduction3d lipo

It is hard to rely on dieting and exercise alone to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should completely shun exercise and diet. You need the two to keep your body at optimal functioning levels. Try 3D liposuction to quickly give the lean body you have been looking for. As a cosmetic procedure, 3D lipo can help both men and women to sculpt off the stubborn body fat. Although 3D fat liposuction has been gaining popularity over the last few years, it is not easy to know exactly which procedure to undergo. Depending on your specific problem, the doctor will prescribe the most appropriate method. Here are top tips to consider when choosing 3D liposuction:

Finding a support network

Although it is an easy way to get rid of that excess belly fat, 3D liposuction can only be sustained through concerted efforts. You will have to make a number of changes in your lifestyle. Most importantly, you should be ready to commit to these changes. That’s why you need a group of loving and supportive people before, during, and after the surgery. In no other way can you be sure to maintain the newly-acquired healthy weight.

Getting the right clinic

Nothing is as important as finding the right surgeon for your 3D fat liposuction procedure. At the very minimum, you will have to surrender your very life into the doctor’s hands. That’s why you need to trust and be comfortable with the doctor you are working with. One thing that will guarantee you 3D lipo results is being sure of your doctor’s credentials. After all, you want to know if the surgeon is legitimate and registered.

Following up on your calorie intake

There are a number of 3D liposuction that requires you to lose some weight before booking you for surgery. The aim is to minimize any risks that might occur during surgery and also to determine how committed you are. After all, you will have a head start if you can adjust your eating habits early enough. 3D fat liposuction works very well when combined with exercise and dieting. It isn’t enough to reduce your belly fat. Having a healthy and fit body should be your ultimate goal. After 3D lipo, you will be able to go back to your normal life only after a few weeks. Make sure you increase your level of physical activity to maintain a healthy body. 3d lipo results

Celebrities Who Have Improved There Physique From Liposuction

One of the reasons why 3D fat liposuction has been growing in popularity is its adaption by a number of celebrities. In Hollywood, you will find some of the most beautiful people in the world. They have slim figures and stunning shapes, which can rightly be attributed to 3D liposuction. That’s not to say that the celebrities do not have naturally slip figures. However, the following celebrities have undergone 3D lipo, just to maintain their figures and make them more confident:

Mariah Carey3d lipo fat reduction

Not many singers have kept showing off their bodies as they have grown older. But Mariah Carey has done it over and over again. After she had twins, she went for 3D liposuction to get rid of fat from several parts of her body. She couldn’t have looked better after she removed fat from around her waist. The 3D lipo results were followed by a tummy tuck, which helped restore, if not enhance her appearance. Mariah Carey’s is what you might consider a complete maternal makeover.

Heidi Montag

Who isn’t familiar with The Hills star? Not one to let her body remain disfigured, Heidi Montag once underwent a number of cosmetic surgery procedures in the name of a makeover. It seems she wanted a total overhaul of who she was. That’s why she couldn’t resist a 3D liposuction on the outer and inner parts of her thighs. She wanted to have a stunning look and that’s why the excess fat had to go. For her, there was no better way to look physically fit and trim.

Kyle Richards

Have you seen Kyle Richards in her role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? You wouldn’t know he is actually 48 given her stunning look. She has, on a number of occasions done 3D liposuction just to maintain her beauty. Like any woman her age, she reported feeling more beautiful and confident. However, it was the ability to continue wearing fashionable garments due to her lean figure. Clearly, the celebrities in Hollywood don’t seem to get enough of 3D liposuction. After all, they have to look their best on the red carpet and while being photographed on the beach by the paparazzi. One of the 3D lipo results is that it makes fit into small-sized clothes even as they remain confident in their skins. Why shouldn’t you also try it? You will definitely love your new look. 3d lipo results